Island River Tales

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How Was Island River Created?

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Lucy's strange dreams are colliding with the supernatural. It's a mystery taking her on a hidden journey she thought she'd never go.    

Lucy has recurring dreams. Night after night she drives on a winding road, feeling lost as this path leads to nowhere until she finds a house. Curious, she goes inside, only discovering it empty.          

Struggling with her own troubled past, she asks for help from her best friend, Sam. Together they investigate her visions. Uncovering history only known to those who have died. Secrets long ago lost to Time. 

They need to figure out a connection between Lucy's dreams and a dark presence attaching itself to her. It's a frantic race against time because their lives are at stake.  


"This is an amazing story and a well-written book. Even for those of you who don't like to read, I think you'd enjoy the way this is written. I read the entire thing in one sitting, the day it arrived, and I'm now hoping that a sequel is written in the very near future! I'm very impressed and excited to see more books from this author hit the shelves!" - Tera Cortez

"If you want an excellent read for the fall season. Something spooky, eerie, and full of twists and turns this is a paranormal story that will make you jump." - Kelly H.

"I can't wait for Mark's next book. I had a hard time putting it down. Easy, captivating, suspenseful and a bit of a love story!" - Amazon Customer

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I needed a place for Lucy and Sam to call home, as well as a way in which I could write the series.

The locals named the town back in the 1800's. The town's name came about because they lived on an island and there was a river that runs through it.

The name seems simple. But, there is historical evidence to show how people named their towns in the United States, back then.

There aren't too many specific details about the island. While I have some landmarks that are necessary, it also allows me to create the series. I, thus, can show more of the island as the stories unfold.

paranormal, mystery, ghost, dream, recurring

Dream, Recurring

paranormal, mystery, ghost, dream, recurring