Currently, in the Aviation industry, he sees his future in writing. "This is the first book in a series totaling four stories." The aim is to turn Dream, Recurring into a screenplay, after the publication of the last book.

Mark married the love of his life, Lisa, in 2004. They have one son. He feels very blessed to be married to her and the family they've created.

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About Mark

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Mark Canniff

He isn’t a paranormal ghost hunter. But he has experienced many supernatural events. Some examples have been demons, haunted locations, and many apparitions. “It’s been unnerving at times” as he would say. 

His writing grew out of the need to tell stories which people wanted to read. The origin of the novel came from a screenplay that he wrote back when he was in the film industry. The name of the script was The Dream. The story was only fifteen minutes in length. But, because of the positive feedback that he received, it inspired him to deepen the tale and Dream, Recurring was born.

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His hobbies and interests include:

Photography (he's an amateur photographer. He loves taking photos.). His love of aviation has been with him since he was a child.  And he also is a first degree Reiki healer.

Lisa and Mark have two dogs they love a great deal. The dogs are very much a part of their family.

Mark Canniff was born and raised for the first twelve years of his life in Seattle Washington. The next thirteen years were spent living in England.

Mark's father divorced his mother when Mark was two years old. After ten years of being single, his mother found love again. Her new husband was an Englishman, so moving the family to London, felt natural. This led Mark to finish his education in the UK. There he obtained an A-Level in English Literature. This education is approximately equal to an Associates Degree in the United States.

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