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Mark hopes to inspire and entertain his readers, offering them a profound glimpse into the unseen world of ghosts and spirits, beginning with his book, Dream, Recurring. He channels his past trauma as a unique way to express himself, practice forgiveness, grow, and let go of the pain.

When not writing, Mark enjoys spending time as an amateur photographer, practicing Reiki, and working in his job in the Aviation Industry. He also hopes to turn his novel into a screenplay. Mark was born in Seattle, Washington, where he spent most of his childhood. His teenage years and young adult life were in England. He resides in Washington State with the love of his life, Lisa, and their fur pups. Their son lives less than an hour away.

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Mark Canniff

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About Mark

Mark Canniff has always had a deep fascination with the paranormal. Having been the witness to strange and supernatural events since the tender age of six, he has dedicated his writing to exploring these odd occurrences and sharing his experiences. After suffering through harrowing sexual abuse at a young age, Mark uses his stories as a therapeutic outlet to share his passion for the supernatural while healing from his past.