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The next book in the series is Darkness Fell. The current aim is to have it published soon.

The logline is as follows:

When a strange fog rolls into town, people start dying. It's up to Sam and Lucy to figure it out and save the island. They'll have to work together on this, trouble is, Lucy isn't talking to Sam.

I'm currently in the writing process of this story...

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Supernatural Mystery Author - with a twist!

Island River Tales is the series title of Dream, Recurring. The inscription is from the name of the town which Lucy and Sam live in, called Island River.

The book is an extension of a screenplay which I wrote back in the 1990s. (When I worked in movies.) It was called The Dream. It was a fifteen-minute short that people loved. Although never made into a film, the positive feedback that I received helped me to expand on the concept. The script led to the novel which will grow into a three-book series. 

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Island River Tales

"I liked reading this book most of all for the strong and well built-up plotline. The concept was not only unique but also quite smart. I liked the idea of ghosts and spirits doing something other than avenging and that in itself is a huge compliment. So I'd like to congratulate the author on the originality of the concept." - Heena Rathore

Being a self-published author has shown me boundless freedom, and excitement which comes with being able to gain accomplishment in the telling of my prose. In creative writing, I don't stop learning either. Because of aiming to perfect my storytelling, I accept this need to always delve into life's wisdom as I strive to create better stories for my readers. Which means, the goal is to forge works of fiction which get people thinking, along with having a positive message inside the book. 

But, let me back up a moment. To begin with, the road to my first novel took 18 years from concept to publication. Yet the "pull" to the paranormal began when I was a child. I have a sense I didn't choose the supernatural rather it chose me.

So, the path to producing this story meant that I had, sometimes, creepy events to experience. As a result of those ghostly episodes, my curiosity into the unknown spiked and I became fascinated with wanting to learn as much as possible. It drove me to explore depths of myself and the world around me in ways I had not even imagined.

But could I write the tale? My encounters were a giant jigsaw puzzle coming together, which led to this series. Ultimately, I hope you enjoy the fabled Dream, Recurring.

Lucy and Samantha are a two-person team of paranormal investigators, dedicated to discovering the secrets of their home in Island River. Cynical by nature, and after the collapse of her marriage, Lucy doesn’t believe in the stories of ghosts and spirits – despite Samantha’s superstitions.

But when a recurring dream appears in her sleep night after night, Lucy soon finds herself questioning her convictions. As she falls deeper into her dreams, the strange world beyond begins to reveal itself. She uncovers a darkness which is only known by those that have passed on long ago, and the mysterious house at the heart of it all.

With old demons resurfacing to haunt her, Lucy must discover the truth about the world in her dreams – and in the process face the dark entity who is determined to keep it hidden no matter the cost…

If you like a paranormal mystery with a dash of romance, then you won’t want to miss Dream Recurring. Grab your copy today!

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"To sum things up, I really liked reading the book. It's a good paranormal story with some nice twists. It has strong characters and the scary bits were done really well." - Galit Balli

"I really enjoyed reading this book. It kept my interest throughout. I love a good mystery. If you do, too, then you will really like this book." - Cindy

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